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2021 Edition


2021 Edition


2021 Edition



Let’s talk about You. You will not be ignored. No matter how old you are and which background you are from – you are just like us. You have the same fears and the same desires and wishes and hopes for a better future. What we set to do here is to push you out of your comfort zone and conquer new horizons. Yes, you are conquering because you are placing yourself on a map towards self-development, enrichment and broadening of your scope. But are you mentally ready and what are your reasons ‘Why’?

We don’t want you to be driven by Fear. Let’s take a piece of paper and simply write down all the pros and cons of going abroad. But not practical things – lets list all the major things that are most likely overlooked: gaining independence, becoming more understanding, growing up, scaling up, breaking rules and obeying rules, speaking a new language, meeting new people, learning a new culture – don’t let it stop you – eating crazy foods, move around with a couple of suitcases – we can go further – worrying about tomorrow’s paycheck, being homesick, getting your heart broken / breaking hearts – but it all has just one small detail in common – you will live a life. We want you to experience it outside of your hometown and in a new place where you can grow for a short period of time or stay for life – no matter – you need to be ready.

Your reason for your ‘Why’ should be: I want more. I can do more. This place can give me something I can use in the future to build my foundation, or this place has the right material or a tool I have been so desperately looking for. Your mental state is everything when you decide on taking this adventure and, believe us, it will be unforgettable if this is how you lay your expectations ahead of time.
We don’t want you to make desperate moves. Don’t be driven by anything but desire. In all honesty and pure form, you are bound to succeed, to grow and learn.


Now that you are mentally ready, let’s talk about practicality. What is it that you are looking for? What can give it to you?

You can place yourself in the frontline where the best school, jobs or travels are offered in the field that most interests you. In the end, you would like to learn from the best.
Take your time, look carefully, make sure all the criteria match what you want and you desire – no one else can make those decisions for you.

Don’t be afraid to explore another culture – the more different it is from yours, the more you can learn. Where there are many differences, one similarity is enough to make it all worthwhile. At the end of the day, there is a beauty in all of us being different.
And if you don’t have a particular desire, then just open your heart to whatever comes – the uniqueness of the world will emerge once you make your first steps towards exploring it.


We don’t want you to underestimate the drive that you have and where it stems from. Ask yourself – why do I want to explore the world? Freedom, wellbeing, career, travel, study, joy, love? Those are all the emotions you can feel or start exploring, without needing the physical shift to have happened just yet.

As you make those emotions your priority in how you choose to think, it syncs you to everything that is like it, including your easy, smooth, resistance-free path to going abroad. You’ll find you’ll want to go places or do things where you’ll meet people who are like-minded and who would suggest things to you that you’ve not even dreamed of trying yet, to achieve your dream.

You’ll find yourself experiencing more “coincidences” with things that just seem to provide you with the next piece of information you need. The only way you can know this, is by trying. No description would be sufficient to explain how wonderful a path this could be for you.


Your experience abroad will set so, so many things into motion. We are advocates and believers that everything has the power of value. We know that once you have had that experience of living your life outside of your common grounds, it will nourish your already-rich imagination, it will make you appreciate what you had and what you have gained even more.

We live in this all-so-changing world where we can experience and see everything in the blink of an eye and that short stint of a moment can have a long lasting effect on the entire value system we have. The Two of us; the Founders of 180° by SeasonAbroad, have lived on different continents and with hand on heart, can say that the more places you see, the more cities you smell, the more pavements your shoes walk on, the higher your values of yourself and others have a chance of becoming.

Traveling will boost your confidence and your resourcefulness. No path will be too narrow for you. You will learn how to overcome various challenges and turn them into real life experiences, education and a learning curve.
In the end, the main valuable lesson you will learn is how to make the best memories, and relive this happiness later.


You know that you are ready when the physical path to your joy is immediately clear.

It means that the emotional aspects are already put in place; because once you are clear about what you want, then you are not only going to get it, you are already living it by pure virtue of your powerful desire about it. You have become an unstoppable force. Nothing and no one could possibly get in the way of that.

You are ready! – Don’t let procrastination and doubt stand in your way of taking action, and making a significant step towards your future.
Be in charge of your Life. Strive for the best, and don’t settle for less!"

180° by SeasonAbroad
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Hi, Welcome to 180° by SeasonAbroad. So glad you’re here.

We’re Dario and Nora, the Founders of 180° by SA.

Our Journey of creating a ‘You First’ Concept came about one late November afternoon in 2019, and like any book that enlightens you, We found each other’s inspirational light, not in the dark night, but in broad daylight.

Dreamers ourselves, we were looking for the right path to Inspire Others, taking on a Mission to Encourage & Reveal their Dreams, Passions and Desires.
Just like that, we decided to share greater knowledge and our own experiences on the pages of The ‘180°’ Books.

The knowledge, experiences and practical information compiled in the 180° Books, serve to give You full control.
We believe that with this approach and our guidance, you will reach your Destination & Goals faster.

The Books are written in an inspirational manner with a twist of practical advice on how to live anywhere you want and travel anywhere you can.

We are passionate believers in an exceptional present and future, and in beautiful and incredible experiences and gifts of this world. We believe in developing a highly strong core system, or as they call it “an internal compass” which will always guide you in the right direction of adventure and nothing less than extraordinary.

We are here to remind you that what you need to value the most in this life is Yourself, Your Time, This World and You in it.



We believe that everything we do, should be done to serve for the good of others. We’ve decided to be exemplary, do things differently and dedicate all our experience, expertise, insight and adventures for the Prosperity and Growth of You.
180° by SA breathes the Nomadic vibe and our own spirits. The brand was born from these Values and encapsulates our ‘Why’.

We’re Advocates of “You-First”. In other words; identifying and defining your Value & Purpose, your desires and dreams and driving through a ‘You-First’ mentality. It starts from us to you, and continues through your Courage to take a leap forward.

Because providing Value to yourself and serving your inner world with virtue, will always stand the test of time.

We’re glad to say that we’ve since served our purpose well, having a positive impact internationally on our huge Community. Our Mission is to make ‘You-First’ the new standard.

Seeing you listen to yourself and turn your focus on ‘You’ is the impression and impact that we strive for. Our intent is that your compass takes you distances and serves you well long-term.
Every Seeker finds her/his home eventually – until then, (s)he travels and this is exactly the Legacy of Exceptional that we want you to leave behind.

What it means to us is that we want you to succeed. We want you to live this life to its full potential. Everything we have learnt we will teach you. Everything you need – you already have.

We have crafted these uniquely tailored books for you so you can find your place and make a decision and act on it. Broaden your horizons – there are no rules, there are no borders and you are a citizen of the world. Take your journey away from home so you can make a new one or learn about the old one.

The Books are written by the desire of two people who built the foundation and made it their lives’ goal to bring joy to others. Our commitment is to lay out a practical plan for you to take your heart to the desired destination, to try and taste and dream beyond the realms of your imagination.

The Books include many months of work of two travel enthusiasts to help you see how you can grow with a country you choose to be your next destination.

There are no rules – Enjoy!



Our Name & Logo carry a deep meaning.

Experience, Adventure, stepping out of your comfort zone, long walks and fresh forest air, (our preference is early mornings :)) have always been key elements in growing your Character and living your Core Value; You.

180° by SeasonAbroad represents turning your life around 180 Degrees.
It is inspired by the habits that have the power of changing your reality. At first, making a change seems hard, but once you do it, you will always embrace changes without hesitation.
Much like turning your body around 180°, your life journey can change just as easily too.

Our ‘Why’ is deeply rooted in all of us, providing the most precise, reliable and future-proof Compass. One that guides us accurately through anything, and most importantly, sets the right mindset, attitude and approach towards ourselves and our own life within it.

And our Slogan?
‘Let the World See You’ is what happens when you turn around 180°. Your life changes, and the world around you does as well.

180° by SA draws a lot of inspiration from the Borderless Nature of an Adventurer, their Freedom, Purity, Mental Clarity, Confidence and Courage.

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A Life Manual

I moved to the Czech Republic on the Erasmus program to study my Masters and eventually stayed to continue with my PhD. I learned about 180° by SA Books and was happy that the books were available in Russian and English and is an incredible resource for EU and non-EU nationals. The entire series of Study, Work and Live is a real familiarization with the system of education, the employment market and is full of tips, tricks and advice on how to adapt to life in a new country. I call it a Life Manual as authors are constantly reminding the readers throughout the texts about the importance of choice and happiness within.


(Study, Work & Live)

Real One Stop Shop

During my senior year of highschool in my country I was thinking of the best career path I can take. As a non-EU national I thought my possibilities were limited, however after searching online for the best guide on how to apply to schools abroad, I found that the 180° by SA Books about the studies in the Czech Republic were the most detailed descriptions of what steps I was supposed to take – starting from the research to the arrival in the country. In a span of 6 months, I applied for Czech courses, a visa and got enrolled in the program. I have additionally purchased a 180° book about Work in the Czech Republic which is an amazing read not only for those who are looking for full employment but also part time or contract work suitable for students. 180° by SA Books are definitely both for EU and non-EU nationals and it is a real one stop shop.


(Study, Work & Live)

Your Next Step

I have lived in various countries since I was 21 and following my education in Switzerland I was looking for a change. I found out about the 180° by SA Books from a friend, so I quickly purchased the whole bundle of Work, Study and Live in the Czech Republic. The book encouraged me to apply for jobs and familiarized me with the main aspects of work permits, labor laws and of course all the cultural nuances. In three months I was already packing bags and moving to Prague. If you need to take that next step and you don’t know how, I recommend any of the 180° by SA Books which will surely put a lot into perspective for you.


(Study, Work & Live)


Timely & Inspiring Read

Prior to my arrival, I purchased a 180° by SA Book devoted to the topic of Work in the Czech Republic. It helped me make a life changing move for career purposes and understand the best way how to apply for the EU blue card, as part of my employment in the country. All the needed information on Work in the Czech Republic comes in a very comprehensive format, covering everything required, and includes helpful tips from the Authors. I have since opened a trade license to do my personal project, following the 180° by SA Book guidance. A very timely and inspiring read.



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Your High Life Roadmap

The steps we all go through. These steps lead you to Your Destination.


Your Dreams Start with a Desire

You feel that there is life beyond the four walls. You ache for adventure, beauty and serenity. You desire travel and eye-opening experiences.


Believing in Yourself

The moment when you know exactly what you want and more. You seek to not settle, you live to never stop, you want to always expand your imagination. You want a 180° change.


You Are Looking for Exceptional

You actively pursue information, taking yourself on a life journey, eliminating hesitation and fear of the unknown.


You are a Citizen of the World

This is the moment. You’re more sure than you’ve ever been. Life is exciting and you want to embrace it all. You’re ready for all the doors the 180° by SA Books are about to open for you. You take action!


Sharing Your Legacy

180° by SA books have become the stepping stone in discovering yourself and the world. You are travelling outside of your comfort zone. Life is joyful every day through the knowledge, experience, growth and insights you’ve gotten by stepping out into the world.
You are grateful that you were courageous enough to make a 180° turn and guide your life in the right direction.

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You make a difference!

You can move this world forward. Your Passion & Purpose deserve a Safe, Supportive and Creative Community to Flourish, Innovate and Change the World for the better!
If 180° by SeasonAbroad seems like it is exclusively tailor made for you, that’s because it is.

The future is now in your hands. The choice is yours:

1. You hesitate and regret…
2. You let the world see you!

We’re a Huge Community of Like-Minded Dreamers.
You’re One of Us – It’s Time for You to Become Part of Our Community.


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